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From a visionary start-up to a trusted, premier resource for Interferon and Cytokine researchers, PBL Assay Science has proudly provided high quality research-grade products to the scientific community for over three decades. With offerings including highly-specific ELISAs for sensitive detection of both common and lesser known analytes of various species and subtypes, highly active IFN proteins, and application targeted Anti-IFN antibodies, their products have a consistent reputation for providing accurate and reliable results

Whether you would like to customize a multiplex assay incorporating your key analytes, to serve as an outside laboratory to run samples in confirmatory assays or to express and purify a novel human cell-expressed protein, PBL is here to serve your needs.

Their beginnings are as a major provider of products, services, information, and know-how related primarily to interferons. The pioneering interferon research conducted by their founder, Sidney Pestka, M.D., and his many colleagues and collaborators reflects decades of exploration into interferon’s applications in medicine. Over the last two decades, PBL Assay Science has grown from start-up to well-respected company, employing state-of-the-art technology in conducting assay services and manufacturing world-class products for scientists around the globe. As their research, their products, and their services have moved beyond interferon into other cytokines and biological materials, they have grown into an Assay Science company with a broad knowledge base.

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Leading portfolio of ELISAs and multiplex kits for immunological assay development.




Interferons, Cytokines & Growth Factors for life science research.


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Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies validated for use in biological assays.