ImmunoChemistry Technologies is your partner in cell viability assays, ELISA reagents, and immunoassay services. With decades of immunoassay and protein chemistry expertise, ImmunoChemistry Technologies has a wide range of products for immunoassay, cellular, and molecular diagnostics development. Whether you’re detecting apoptosis using fluorescent, whole-cell assay kits or optimizing a sensitive ELISA.

Their wide range of products includes coating buffers, blockers, sample and assay diluents, protein stabilizers, and substrates for immunoassay and molecular diagnostics applications. ImmunoChemistry cell viability assays include a large range of fluorescent whole-cell assays for intracellular apoptosis detection and cellular analysis, their assay kits can detect apoptosis, necrosis, intracellular caspase activity, cell-mediated cytotoxicity, activated serine proteases, oxidative stress, mitochondrial membrane permeability, and many more applications!

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