Optibodies FAQ

Are all Optibodies CE/IVD labeled?

Yes, all Optibodies are CE/IVD

Do you use external control for your Optibodies performance?

Yes, we have our Optibodies evaluated by external partners and also participate in NordiQC

Which pretreatment is recommended for Optibodies?

All IHC-P protocols for Optibodies are for HIER in standard pH 9 buffer

What dilution is recommended for Optibodies?

1:100 to 1:400 is the range for Optibodies. The dilution depends on the platform and the staining system used and should always be determined by the user.

Do you have experience with the use of Optibodies on other species than human?

Yes. Please inquire.

Would you be interested in testing out Optibodies™ in your own lab, please contact us at info@nordicbiosite.com and we would be happy to discuss the options with you. Protocols for IHC automation platforms are available on the Optibodies™ product page.

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