Located in New Hampshire, USA, Bio X Cell is a trusted supplier of ultra-pure, low endotoxin antibodies that are formulated without preservatives or stabilizers. Targeting both highly characterized and novel antigens, including many well-known immune checkpoints and various proteins implicated in cancer, these are available in the large quantities required for in vivo pre-clinical studies.

The Gold Standard For In Vivo Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Products with unparalleled quality manufactured in the U.S. Their industry-leading InVivoMAb and InVivoPlus antibodies are all manufactured in their own facility in the U.S. and never outsourced from another manufacturer.
  • Extensive library of product citations in peer-reviewed publications. These publications not only provide an unbiased source of antibody validation but also an invaluable source of protocol details for in vivo experiments to help accelerate research findings.
  • Best in industry value and instant product availability.
  • An ever-growing selection of functionally active, blocking, neutralizing, and agonistic antibodies. These products cover a wide range of research areas including cancer, immunology, and more.
  • The Bio X Cell One-Year Shelf-Life Guarantee. They stand by the quality of our products and offer a one-year shelf-life guarantee. In the rare event that an antibody does not perform as indicated on the datasheet, they will provide a replacement or credit without hesitation.
  • Matching Isotype Control Antibodies Bio X Cell carries a wide selection of non-binding isotype control antibodies. This takes the guesswork out of finding the correct control for your antibody.

Bio X Cell Products Feature

  • Exceptional Purity – Their optimized proprietary antibody manufacturing method ensures an ultra-pure antibody solution without added proteins or chemicals. Each lot is QC tested for purity using SDS-PAGE.
  • Ultra-low Endotoxin Levels – The level of endotoxin is QC tested for each lot. The InVivoMAb products are at or below 2EU/mg and InVivoPlus products are at or below 1EU/mg. If endotoxin levels below 1EU/mg are required, please simply contact our technical support for details.
  • Pathogen Free – Each lot of InVivoPlus products is screened for an exhaustive panel of murine pathogens. The results are detailed on product-specific datasheets, to help you adhere to IACUC and Animal Facility requirements
  • Advanced Binding Validation – They utilize a library of recombinant proteins and their bioassay expertise to validate that each lot of applicable InVivoPlus antibody binds strongly and specifically to its target antigen.